Thrombin-activatable fibrinolysis inhibitor

Aliases:Carboxypeptidase B2; carboxypeptidase U (CPU)
Gene Symbol:CPB2
Main Action:Inhibition of fibrinolysis
Genomic Reference Sequence:NG_032893.2
Locus Reference Genomic (LRG):LRG_632
Locus Specific Database (LSDB):
Amino Acid Numbering Conversion Factor (Old > New;+/-):
Variant Details: Thrombin-activatable fibrinolysis inhibitor (1)
Predicted Mr (da):48,424
Predicted pl:8
Gene Size (bp):51,848
Transcript Size (nt):1,724
Number of Exons:11
Gene Location:13q14.13
Number of Amino Acids:423
Mature Protein:23-423
Observer Mr of Monomer (kDa):60
Plasma Concentration (ug/ml):5
Plasma Molarity (nM):75
Half-life (h):0.2
cDNA Reference Sequence (NM):NM_001872.5
Protein Reference Sequence (NP):NP_001863.3
Reference cDNA Sequence +1ATG (fasta format):
Reference cDNA Sequence +1ATG (GenBank format):
Reference cDNA Sequence +1ATG with translation and exons marked (pdf format):